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As a well established fire protection company, our Croydon based services offer fire doors and full fire alarms services in London. From commercial buildings including retail parks, commercial offices, and medical centres, Danacom has earned a trusted reputation and years of experience in fire protection across London, making us a company you can trust.

Whether you need fire doors in your London offices, or fire door installation in your retail premises, fire alarm maintenance in your home, or internal fire doors in your London shop, our certified fire door installer teams are ready to deliver.

Offering bespoke solutions and superior customer service, we’re a London based fired door company that will work with you, and for you. Our dedicated professionals have years of experience in fire door installations, fire alarm installations, and a full range of fire protection services in London. Danacom are the London fire door company to trust.

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Looking for a quality Fire Doors Installation, Fire Alarm Installation or other Fire Protection Services?

Check our London Fire Protection Services. Professional Fire Doors Installation, Fire Stopping, Fire Alarms & more in London and Nearby Suburbs

Fire Doors London

When it comes to the installation of fire doors across London, we’re here to help. Our certified fire door installer teams are working all over London to keep you safe. Whether it’s internal fire doors to keep your premises safe, we are the London fire door company you can trust.

Fire Stopping London

Fire stopping across London is our business, and keeping people safe is our mission. With so many fire stopping companies available, you need one you can rely on. Our fire stopping contractors work around London, and deliver the safety you need. For all your fire stopping needs, call us now.

Fire Alarm System London

Fire alarms are a critical part of building safety. Our fire alarm installation teams across London take their mission seriously, and consider fire alarm maintenance as a top priority. When you need a fire alarm system in London premises, or fire alarm maintenance, our accredited professionals will get you covered.

Maintenance London

Whether your premises are large or small, corporate or residential, our London based fired protection services have  you covered. Our accredited professionals offer full fire protection services, from installation to maintenance, doors to screens and more.Don’t take risks,  let us offer passive fire protection services for your London premises.

Fire Doors Surveys London

When it comes to fire protection in London, your doors are often your first line of defence. As one of the trusted fire protection companies in London, we offer full services delivered by accredited professionals. From installation to maintenance and surveys, our London fire protection services give peace of mind.

Emergency works London

It’s always best to consider fire protection before an emergency, but if the worst happens, we’re here to help. Our expert fire protection services make us one of the most trusted fire protection companies in London. Whether passive fire protection services or installation for emergencies,  our fire protection services deliver.

What makes our Fire Protection & Fire Door Installation
Company in London Unique.

When it comes to fire protection and fire door installation in London, cutting corners is not an option. Our safety driven fire protection services make us a leading London fire door company, offering professional services and dedicated teams.


Fire Protection for London. Safety and Security

We take fire doors and fire protection seriously. From large commercial premises to domestic properties, our fire door installation services are renowned and guaranteed, which is why people choose Danacom.

Don’t be Alarmed, be Dancom Alarmed

Few things are as important to any premises than fire alarms and fire doors in London. WIth our experienced and certified fire door  and alarm installer teams, you’ll sleep easy knowing that your fire protection is secured.

Fire Protection, Peace of Mind

Our fire protection services offer both safety and security for customers. From internal fire doors to fire door installation in your London location, leave it with us.

What should you know about our Fire Doors & Fire Alarm System Services in London ? Check our Fire Door Installation & Fire Alarm
Installation Services right now!

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Fire Doors London

Making sure your fire doors are a trusted line of defence if the worst happens, that’s one of the most important fire protection issues in London. For us, it’s not just a job, it’s a mission.

From multiple fire door installation projects around corporate buildings, to a wide range of other fire protection services, we are equipped and reputed for your job.

Making a commitment to safety their mantra, our certified fire door installer teams in London will give you the peace of mind that our results are proven to deliver. For fire doors in London, we’ve got you covered.

Fire Alarm London

It’s always there, but we rarely hear it, but your fire alarm system is one of your critical safety features. If you’re in need of a fire alarm installation in London, you need someone you can trust.

As one of the trusted fire alarm companies in London, peace of mind is free with every one of our projects. Not only do our experienced teams fit high quality fire alarms, we also offer continued and ongoing fire alarm maintenance across London.

Using only the best of breed fire alarm systems, we’ll make sure that you’ll hear it when you need it.

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  • I can’t operate my business without fire protection, and I needed to get a fire alarm installation in my London office fast. Danacom stepped up, worked with us, and also allowed me to get fire alarm maintenance cover set up and some new internal fire doors installed too. Excellent service.

    Edward Burns
  • Internal fire doors at my London offices are an essential part of health and safety, so I take that seriously. London fire door company Danacom made sure my fire protection needs we’re all sorted, and their swift and professional work ethic and fire protection knowledge really impressed me. Highly recommended.

    Natasha Clarke
  • Our fire alarm maintenance in our London location was due an upgrade. We looked around, someone mentioned Danacom, and I’m glad they did. Experts in fire protection, and outstanding customer service, start to finish. We’re definitely using these guys from now on, for all future fire protection work in London.

    Adam Goddard


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Danacom is a trusted choice for fire protection in London. From fire door installation in London premises, to fire protection services, we deliver. Our certified fire door installer teams work across London to keep people safe. Fire doors are our business, fire protection in London is what we do best.
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